A Guide to Grading Exams

Pass English Exams - 100 multiple choice questions to give you an indication of your level: Beginner, Elementary, Cambridge First Certificate, etc.


Prueba tu nivel en Englishtown - This test takes about 20 minutes. 


Test your English - Cambridge English [25 multiple-choice questions


Test your level of English - Cambridge Institute [75 multiple-choice questions]


Kaplan English Level Test This test is designed to give you an indication of your language level. The test is divided into 3 sections: 

1.  A grammar test (30 questions) 
2.  A listening test Part 1 (7 questions) and Part 2 (8 questions)
3.  A reading test (5 questions). 

All the questions are multiple choice


Linguaspectrum - Test Your English Level

English Aula - Online English Exam Preparation. B1, B2 (more than 200 exams), C1, C2

TOEFL iBT - Test of English as a Foreign Language [4Tests.com] En relación con el Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas, obtener una puntuación global en el TOEFL iBT de entre 57-86, equivale a tener un nivel B1 de inglés, es decir un nivel intermedio. Una calificación entre 87-109 es similar a tener un nivel B2, que es intermedio alto. Las puntuaciones del examen entre 110-120 equivalen a nivel C1, que es un nivel alto.

  • Listening Part A (31 questions)
  • Listening Part B (10 questions)
  • Listening Part C (12 questions)
  • Reading (28 questions)
  • Structure (30 questions)

Cambridge Exams - Cambridge English Teacher Support

English Language Level Test

Flo-Joe - The Place on the Web for Cambridge Exam Preparation

Free TOEFL stuff!

Road to IELTS -  IELTS preparation and practice. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assesses the English language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as the language of communication.